Call for Papers

This conference encourages both scholars and PhD students to submit their research, and welcomes submissions that discuss completed studies, field work, or work in progress. We specifically invite paper proposals which address one or several of the following issues:

    • Creation and stabilization of socio-technical settings to engage students, learners, teachers, headteachers, educational workers, etc. in digital ethnography
  • The effects in terms of the circulation of knowledge (reproduction of hierarchies, or promotions of horizontal forms of diffusion; the status of knowledge: what is made public, and/or what remains hidden)
  • The role of the subjects of research as knowledge co-producer (collecting, analyzing data, writing reports, etc.) and the challenge of knowledge co-producing for educational ethnography
  • The ethical positioning of the researcher (“pure” ethnographer, social activist, etc.): should online ethnography be authorised ? In which ways ? What formal and informal agreements ?