June 6th, 2013

09.00-09:45 Reception

Welcome and Introduction – Mario Calise, Federica Web Learning – Univeristy of Napoli “Federico II” Italy; Andrea Maccarini – University of Padova Italy and AIS Education; Paolo Landri – IRPPS-CNR Italy;  Rosanna De Rosa – Federica Web Learning, University of Napoli ‘Federico II’ Italy

10:00-11:30  Keynote Speech
Chair: Assunta Viteritti

Attila Bruni,  Come Together: Humans, Texts, And Machines In Contemporary Ethnography, University of Trento – Italy

11:30-12:00 COFFEE BREAK

12:00-13:30 SESSION 1
Chair: Sofia Marques Da Silva

Delfim Paulo Ribeiro, Games People Play in University Culture: An Ethnographic Blended Dramatic Research Based on Transactional Analysis,  Escola Superior de Educação Instituto Piaget – Portugal

Carla Luzia de Abreu, Ethical dilemmas in the use of social network websites as a research field: public renas or private rooms?  University of Barcelona – Spain

Juan Pablo Ferro, School projects: From PC to Ipad generations, University of Barcelona – Spain

13:30-15:00 LUNCH

15:00-17:00 SESSION 2
Chair: Fernando Hernández-Hernández

Assunta Viteritti, Professional vision in the scientific practice The co-construction of the meanings through skype’s use, Univerity of Rome ‘La Sapienza’ – Italy

Anna Piela, Hugh Busher, Nalita James, Anna-Marie Palmer  What role do social media play in educational experiences of Access to Higher Education students in England? University of Leicester – UK

Simone  Schlichting-Artur, Ed. D., E-learning technology and digital ethnography for language learning in the modern classroom,  Drexel University of Philadelphia – USA

18:00-19:30 City Sightseeing

21:00 Conference dinner

JUNE 7th, 2013

09:30 -11:30 SESSION 3
Chair: Juana María Sancho Gil

Sofia Marques Da Silva, Sharing knowledge between generations: local cultures visibility through online practices, FPCEUP/CIIE, University of Porto – Portugal

Karen Borgnakke, Anita Lyngsø, Going on-line and off-line, following the course, University of Copenhagen, UCPH  VIA University College – Denmark

Catarina Player-Koro, Dennis Beach, ‘Roll-out neoliberalism’ through one-to-one laptop investments in municipality schools in Sweden,  University of Borås – Sweden

11:30-12:00 COFFEE BREAK

12:00-13:00 Presentation of the Special Issue of Ethnography & Education, Taylor & Francis: Sofia Marques da Silva, Joan Webster, Doing Educational Ethnography in an Online World: Methodological Challenges, Choices and Innovations

Chair: Dennis Beach

13:00-14:30 LUNCH

14:30-16:30 SESSION 4
Chair: Paolo Landri

Vibeke Røn Noer, iPad videodiaries in ethnographic educational research,  MScN, Industrial PhD Fellow, University of Copenhagen & VIA University College – Denmark

Daniel de Queiroz Lopes, Eliane Schlemmer , Rosane Kreusburg Molina, Cartography Mediated By Digital Technologies: New Perspectives For Ethnographic Research, Unisinos – Brazil,

Fernando Hernández-Hernández, Juana María Sancho Gil, Rachel Fendler, Virtual environments in a multi-sited ethnography, University of Barcelona, Esbrina Research Group, REUNI+D University Network – Spain

16:30- 17:00 COFFEE BREAK

17:00-17:30 Presentation of the digital publication from last year’s conference – Fernando Hernández-Hernández, Juana María Sancho Gil. Esbrina. University of Barcelona – Spain

Chair: Sofia Marques Da Silva

17:30-18:15 WORK IN PROGRESS
Chair: Paolo Landri

Second Life: a learning community, Ivonne Citarella, IRPPS-CNR – Italy

18:15-18:30 Closing Remarks and Discussion